Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday in Phuket!

We are all well. We have had some quiet and relaxing days here.
A Phuket Sunset from our room!
It is currently 2:15pm and I have left Jason and Brayden in the room to have a sleep as we are going to Fantasea tonight - it doesn't start until 9pm so it will be a late night!!!

Brayden had his face painted as Batman today whilst he was at the kids club. He also made the most beautiful aquarium candle. We are finding it very hard to drag him away from the kids club. He loves it so least he isn't complaining as we walk around shop after shop, market after market finding the best deals. It is not me that has the shopping addiction it is Ja......he just wants to shop all of the time!
Batman!!! Aquarium Candle!!

Have been to a tailor and are having a suit made for Jason and I am getting a dress. Will show you when we get home unless you will be going to Kayla and Scott's wedding - you will hve to wait till then!!!!
Love to you all

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