Monday, February 22, 2010

Life has been.....lets say a "little hectic" for want of better words. Between starting back to work after holidays, my little man starting school in Prep, a very piratey 5th birthday and the general day to day life of a working Mum we have been flat out. Needless to say I have been dying to sit down and scrapbook.
Well, the weekend came and I was looking forward to having some scrapping time. You would never believe it but I was sick!! Anyway, I still persisted......I couldn't go another weekend without my fix! Below are my creations.........some more from my unfinished pile!!!

This photo was taken Easter 2009. The kids are actually second cousins and we spend every Easter weekend together. They really do get along so well. I made the pinwheels as part of a class last year with Jaine at Whadda Load of Scrap. I just love the Marakesh range from Kaiser.

Precious Little Man
Quite a while back I did a class with Alanna Adrien at Whadda Load of Scrap using templates on layouts. It has taken me this long to decide what I wanted to do with this layout. The arrowed pattern on the left side and bottom of this layout have been drawn using a template and the cut and folded to create the effect. I am happy with how this layout has turned out.

Take care,

Monday, February 1, 2010

Can I start by saying Congratulations to all of those gorgeous little ones that have started "big school" this week. A special congrats to all of the mums and dads who have kept it together!! We have had such an emotional week here. Our little man has started school! Although there were a few tears from us......he really wasn't phased by the whole experience just totally and utterly beside himself with absolute excitement!!!
Just before he started school I was completing this layout of him the day we brought him where has the time gone!!!!

I used the paper in the background, folded, to create a louvre style window effect. I started this layout at one of Jaine's classes and now have finally finished. The louvre effect is great for slipping photos or journalling into without using adhesive. Saying that I still did use a small amount of double sided tape to hold my photos exactly where I wanted them.

The other layout that I have created this week is 'Spoilt Rotten.' This layout came about because I got to spend my birthday morning relaxing at the Spa@Beechworth with a full body massage, facial and manicure. Now you are probably thinking what a wonderful husband I have.....which I do, but the most beautiful group of families whose children I taught last year gave me a gift voucher in appreciation. I know, it brings tears to my eyes everytime I think about it. I created this layout to thank those families but also so I could remember the relaxing and luxurious morning I had at the spa. Obviously taking photos of me was a little I have used parts of the brochure from the Spa@Beechworth.

The paper I used in the centre of the layout was wrapped around the voucher box and the gift label was attached to the box with that beautiful, thick string.
The bookmark was a gift from the Spa.
Until next time,