Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hello from Phuket

Well yesterday we left the beautiful city of Singapore and made our way to Thailand - Phuket Airport. The first thing we noticed was the difference in living standards to Singapore/Australia. We are beginning to appreciate just how lucky we are in our beautiful country.
It took us 50 mins to arrive at our resort....we were greeted and treated like kings and queens (and a prince - handsome boy!)
Of course once settled into our room we explored the resort. Brayden -of course- went straight to the pool. We went straight for a Movenpick coffee and cake combo!!! Can you believe they don't have low fat milk........
To satisfy the handsome boys needs we went to the pool for a swim. Brayden has been down the waterslide 1 million times already!!!!!! We are yet to drink at the in pool bar (how does that work)!!!!
Dinner was complimentary....entree, main, dessert, cocktails but NO wine - not because they don't have it but because a bottle of Rutherglen Estates costs 2850THB (AUD $105.50). Beer and Cocktails are as cheap as chips though.
Breakfast this morning was amazing.......I need to stop eating!!!! Brayden is charming all of the Thai ladies and even the Thai men grab his cheeks and say how cute he is!!!!
Just booked Safari and some tours - will keep you updated on those.
Love to you all

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