Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our own driver!

Today we hired our own car and driver for the day. It only cost us about $50 for the whole day and he waited for us everywhere we went!!!!!
We went to Phuket Zoo - had our photo with the same Tiger as the one from The Amazing Race. Saw a great elephant show and a scary crocodile show.
Brayden even got one of the paintings that the elephant painted!

We had lunch at a beautiful seafood restaurant...the waiter entertained all of the Thai people do. Jason and I had Tom Yum Lobster-very yummy! We also had Tamarind Prawns.

We went to a Cashew Orchard - saw how they shell cashews, one by one!! Tried some yummy cashews with all different flavours.
Went to a jeweller.....some beautiful pieces of jewellery....I didn't end up with anything!!
A great day!

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