Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Phuket Fantasea

We had a wonderful night at Phuket Fantasea. We had dinner at the world's largest buffet - food was yummy and every type of food, from every country.......there were about 100 staff just to welcome you!!
The lights were beautiful and Brayden got to play some games at the carnival.
We saw some 'he-she' dancers.....very interesting!!! We saw a white tiger and finally when it was 2100 we got to go and see the show.
The show was a music, dance, drama, lighting spectaular telling the story of the beginnings of Thailand (I think-not much English). Brayden loved the elephants and all of the animals in the show - there were even trained chooks.....don't think we could train our chooks like that!!!
Can you believe that before you enter the foyer of the theatre you had to surrender any recording devices - cameras/phones.....we got them back at the end and they were very well looked after!!!!
A fantastic night!

Jason and Brayden The Theatre!

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