Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For those that are thinking I have gone I haven't. Work has been so busy that my blog and scrapbooking has been pushed aside a little. I am craving the time to sit and scrap, even if it is just for 1/2 and hour.
I am happy to say that in just over a weeks time I will begin holidays and I won't just have the two weeks of school holidays but I am also taking long service leave for 2 weeks. Imagine how many scrapping days I will have!!!Over the long weekend we went to Sydney to say good bye to my sister, brother in law and niece (and bub on the way) as they are moving to Virginia for two years. I can't wait to receive my first 'American' scrap pack from her!!!!!!
Anyway keep popping in to visit....there will be many more updates, especially while I am on holidays!! Here are some pics of my beautiful niece who is heading to Virginia on Monday.......