Sunday, August 16, 2009

What a Week!!!!

We have had such a big week here.
It all started with the hype and excitement of the impending arrival of our new niece or nephew. Monday came and went with no news, Tuesday was the day that my sister was induced.......and we waited. Wednesday we were still waiting...........until FINALLY my sister had a beautiful baby boy Harrison James. He is the most gorgeous little man and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. My poor sister......well he definitely rocked her world for more than 28hours. To make matters just a little more painful he was 10lb 6oz.....I know, any lady who has given birth has just crossed her legs and said 'Ouch!' Shel did a brilliant job and we are all so very proud of her. Here are some pics of our new little nephew.

So, our week was huge. We went through a variety of emotions but in the end we are just so happy for Shel and Jono.
Now that little (or should I say big) Harrison has arrived I can show you the paint tin, album and card I made for a newborn gift. May I say that Shel and Jono really loved their gifts and thought they were very special.

I haven't done a lot of scrapbooking this week as you can imagine. I taught two classes (1 adult and 1 kids). I am really looking forward to my Thursday night scrapping session at Jaine's. We are making a Recipe Stand. Then, Saturday is just so exciting..........our day retreat (12hours) has finally arrived. I'm really looking forward to spending the day scrapbooking and having fun with the Whadda Load of Scrap girlies.
I hope you all have a great week.


nantonello said...

Woo Hoo!!!! I'm the first person to post a comment....YAY I love your new blog honet. I look forward to stopping by often and checking out your beautifyl work. Pass on big congrats to Chelle & Jono on the new bub....too beautiful....
Nik xx

muju07 said...

We still love the beautiful gifts you made Harry... they are so special!