Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well, routine begins again tomorrow morning......holidays are over and it is back to work and school. The weather has been gorgeous and the time we have spent doing not much at all has been extremely enjoyable. We are now on the countdown to Christmas holidays!! Hehehe.....I know "Teachers!" always after holidays. I just want to spend time with my gorgeous little man!
Anyway something that I have finished off this week is this recipe box. I had it as one of my unfinished projects. Finally I have got around to it. Now I just need to go through the recipes and transfer them to index cards to put in the box! Ahhhh.....that sounds bigger than Ben Hur!!!!!!
Have a great week everyone!

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Nikki xx said...

Gorgeous Mel :) How happy are you to have one less thing in the unfinished box ... good job luvvie :) xxx