Sunday, September 5, 2010

September Already!!!

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's in the world......especially my beautiful Dad (love you Dad!), step dad and father in law. We have had the most exciting weekend with Jason's birthday and Father's Day. Brayden made this tie for Jason. It was stated that it must be worn all day....and it was!!!! How cute. Thanks for being a super Dad Ja!

It has been a very busy few weeks....... this weekend we have survived all of the rain. Our thoughts go to those in the flooded regions here in Victoria. We've had a heap of rain and our creek that hasn't had very much water in 5 years is looking a little like "The Murray River." Needless to say all of our dams and tanks are full.....that is nothing to complain about!!
Anyway, I have done quite a bit of scrapbooking over the last little bit. My beautiful friends Liz and Cheryl and I have had a night together....I made some last minute cards......already been given so sorry no photos!
Probably the most exciting weekend though was last weekend. My "awesome" girlfriend Nikki (you may know her from the last Kaiser Design Team) and I went to Melbourne for a girlie road trip......with NO kids or husbands......we did miss them though! We visited the Kaiser Warehouse.......Wow!!! How "awesome" was it to be in the one room with so much Kaiser product. We spent the rest of Saturday scrapping and then attended 'Paperific' on the Sunday morning. Such a fun, inspiring weekend filled with many laughs and lots of scrapping. Here are some of the layouts and cards I did whilst away.....
This layout 'Fun in the Sun' had been sitting in my folder unfinished for quite some time. I started it at 'Whadda Load of Scrap' in a bleaching class. The shells and the sun have been created with bleach. I am so happy how it turned out......much better than expected!!!
Autumn.....I just adore this photo of my boy! This layout came together really well and quite much so I said to Nikki "What is wrong with it???" This was the first time that I used 'Kraft' and I have fallen in love!!!!!
These were two of the four cards I made last weekend. The other two have been given away. These two were part of a die cut card page.....very easy and simple.....I loved the idea!
This was a layout I did about 2 months ago and I considered submitting it to a mag but changed my mind. It is not common for me to work with pinks however I really enjoyed it and look forward to my next 'girlie' layout.
Anyway catch up soon.
Until next time,

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hippychic said...

Great work Mel, very busy girl. I took up your suggestion to Scrap that Poetry and I put an entry in. I have posted it in my blog.

Cya soon