Sunday, May 2, 2010

How Exciting!!!

After entering the giveaway on Samantha Hauzer's blog I didn't hold out much hope to take out the prize......I never appear to have much luck with winning. But....low and behold I logged on yesterday to Samantha's blog to find out that I was the winner!!
A big thank you to Samantha for the opportunity - I am so stoked to have won! I can't wait to receive my prize pack in the post!
Today we have also had a fantastic day with our little man playing his very first game of Auskick. Not only did he make us proud by volunteering to play the first half for the opposition (they didn't have enough players) but he also had a lot of fun! Not to mention getting the Black Dog Bakery Award. We were so proud of him......he was our little star! I'm looking forward to recording this story on a layout.....once work is a little less busy (oh yeah....In my dreams!).


muju07 said...

Aunty Shelly, Uncle Jono and Harrison say a big big congratulations to the star footy player..."BRAYDEN"
Well done :) We cant wait to come and watch you!!!

Lynne said...

Congratulations to you on your Prize Mel. We are looking forward to watching Brayden at footy really soon. He must have had a very special Day. Congratulations on getting the Award in your very first game. Love Nanna & Poppy

Amanda said...

Mel, how on earth do you have time to scrapbook. Haven't been able to fit that in for along time. I have so many things I want to do but just can't fit it in. As soon as I start to do something Tamika wants me to help her... so that's as far as I get.