Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scrapbookit Sketch Challenge

There is nothing like entering a competition right at the last minute! I feel like I am back at school sitting up to all hours getting an essay finished to hand in in the morning......but........this is so much more fun!
I have just completed my interpretation of the March Sketch from the Scrapbookit Blog
I am not totally sure about working with sketches however I believe you interpret and create the layout bearing some resemblance to the sketch. I could be totally wrong and there may be heaps of unwritten rules but I have had a go anyway. Hey.....I have completed yet another layout for the album and I like it....I think that is the most important. Check out my entry......(if you want to compare it to the sketch head over to the Scrapbookit Blog).

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about my layout.
Until next time,


jenncanbefound said...

WOW!! It looks great, he was so cute in that outfit and boy has he grown up!! Love what u wrote in the journal :)

Lynne said...

Hey Mel, just had a look at your layout. It looks fantastic. I agree with Jenn, hasn't he grown up. We definitely was and still is a cutie!!

muju07 said...

Oh my god!! I just thought that was HArry!!!! I almost fell off my chair!
Looks unreal!!!