Monday, January 11, 2010

I am sitting here reflecting on the last week in my life and what a week it has been. My Dad has spent the week with us....actually it has been more than one week......we are not complaining because we hardly get to see him and wish it was more often. He heads home in the morning and we will all be very sad to say good-bye. The next time we see him will be May....seems such a long time away! We have had a lovely week.
Most of the week we have spent surviving the heat and doing things around the house. My girlfriend Nikki has been talking about her word for the year being 'Change'.........I have been clearing out cupboards and things that haven't been touched for years. Even Jason has attacked 'The Shed' (shock horror).
Dad and I took Brayden to see Alvin and the Chipmunks on Wednesday.......he loved it and laughed at the appropriate times......for a little man I thought that was pretty good! We all enjoyed the laughs it gave us.

On beautiful sister, Jenn, her hubby, Ted and my beautiful little niece Charlotte arrived. It was wonderful to spend some time with them. The most special memory is of Charlotte and Brayden running around together giggling and having great fun.......Charlotte loves 'Brady' and he loves her!!
Yesterday we made the trip to Melbourne. Charlotte was christened at St Paul's Cathedral. It was a beautiful ceremony and Jason and I, along with Ted's brother, Michael, were privileged enough to become Charlotte's Godparents.
There is a bit of a tradition in the family......we decorate a candle as a memento of the very special occasion. I made Charlotte's Christening Candle.......

As far as scrapbooking goes.....hmmmmmm.......Charlotte's Christening Gifts have been my focus. I scrapped the Kaiser Handbag and the Small Daisy Mirror. Charlotte was very impressed! I found I really had to push myself outside the square with these two items purely due to the fact that they were girl's items. I am so used to completing boy's pages and OTP that I felt a little out of my comfort zone. Mind you once I had a vision........bling, glitter, flowers, just came naturally!!

Other than these......I did pull my Star Album out of my TBC pile (or should I say 'mountain') and have made a start (AGAIN!) on completing it.......I am keen to get it done!!!

Take Care - Have a great week,

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